I am French. My friends call me Gisou.

I enjoy cooking simple and quick recipes for my daughter and husband.

I explore various websites to find recipe inspiration. I tweak them by substituting a few ingredients to make them lighter yet still flavorful! And every now and then, I even come up with my own recipes!

I firmly believe that it’s possible to cook with a lighter touch without compromising on deliciousness.

I created the Gisou Cuisine blog (in French) in 2019.

My daughter has started attending middle school, and she’s now studying English as her primary foreign language.

To support her learning, I’ve decided to gradually translate my recipes into English. My goal is to allow her to discover the language in a different way. Of course, this translation will also help me deepen my own knowledge of English.

Cooking is a universal theme that brings cultures together, so I’m excited to introduce my culinary creations to a more international audience!
The blog will now be bilingual, with recipes available in French and gradually translated into English. I hope this evolution will please you, as well as all the English-speaking food enthusiasts.

Welcome to Cooking Gisou!

Cerises et chocolat en coeur